Introductory Post

When I was young, I was on the fast track to a PhD – great mathematical skills and extremely good verbal/communications skills. My SAT’s were the highest in the Greater Waterbury, CT in 1977. My interests at the time, like all young people, were wide & varied as I thirsted for knowledge. I was in 2 plays to high praise in high school. My thirst for knowledge continued all through by undergraduate years. it took 6 post high school years to get a Bachelors Degree, including the first year off and 5 years in two schools, Mattatuck Community College where I received a Summa Cum Laude AS in General Education – Individual Specialization, and Central Connecticut State University where I received a Magna Cum Laude BA in Mathematic w/ Specialization in Statistics. In both schools, I took a myriad of additional courses, finally graduating CCSU w/ over 160 credits.

My scholastic interests besides math were philosophy, literature, film, theater. My personal interests, amongst others: Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia; Kurt Vonnegut; Carlos Castaneda; Stanley Kubrick; Francis Ford Coppola, Woody Allen. I was studying the work of great artistic geniuses while pursuing a very well rounded academic career in math. All the while, Jerry kept bubbling up to the top as his live music was very accessible and his art viewable in real time ALOT. It was like going to his personal museum as many times a year as finances & time could afford.

In May of 1983, I attained my Bachelors and entered into an MA Math program at CCSU w/ a significant (for the time) approximately $5000 per year stipend, payable after the first semester when I would begin teaching undergaduates. I dropped out in October 1983, partly as a result of a great decision to marry the lovely & talented Cindy Marino nee Vance, with whom I am still married. She has rightfully been called a saint in keeping this marriage together. I’d have been out of there decades ago if I were her. We now have 2 beautiful children, Bobby and Kim, almost 24 and 20 respectively. So goodbye acamedician: Peggy Sue Got Married!

Throughout college and before, I worked in many positions, many simultaneously, mostly accounting related which I hate but stay close to, and food services which I love and continue but not at the volume I’d like. Included: Math Tutor @ Mattatuck; Accountant at both Amalume Inc and WWCO, Middlebury; Junior Accountant at DeAngelis, Lombardi & Kelly CPA’s; Lead Accountant for Jack Carroll, CPA; Sole Proprietor of Marino Consulting where I did taxes, bookkeeping, etc for friends, business associates, and friends with businesses; Head Cook, Papa Luigi’s where I met my lovely wife; Kitchen Staff for DeVito’s Catering; currently President, The Marino Foundation, Inc. (a non-profit charititable corporation qualified under IRC 501c3) which holds annual benefits for larger non-profits, and in these (so far there’s been one and one for later this year in the early planning stages) I am Executive Chef; perhaps 25 other cateried affairs, again as Executive Chef.

So why is it a life wasted? Why am I using this blog to get that time back? From 4/23/77 through 6/25/95, I attended well over 100 of his concerts w/ the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia Band, as well as a number of his guest appearances w/ bands opening for the Grateful Dead including, I’m proud to admit, Jerry’s final appearance as a guest w/ Bob Dylan on that very last time I saw his live, 6/25/95 – RFK Stadium. Jerry sat in on lead guitar & backing vocals for Dylan’s Encore of It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry and Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35 prior to the Grateful Dead’s two sets. From Train to Cry through the Dead’s Encore, Brokedown Palace, this concert was a highlight reel. In between, I began collecting Grateful Dead and Jerry band concerts on cassette & later CD, both “bootleg” and official releases. In addition, my collection of CD’s includes many other bands. I have countless GD & JGB concerts on CD. My total collection is currently 3864 CD’s, perhaps 85% of which include Jerry, though many of the shows require 3 CD’s for completion.

Ah, but I digress: My Masters, PhD, continuing acting & production work on plays??? BZZZTTT!!! Thanks for playing! There was no time and too much Jerry. No regrets. we had some serious kicks! These are simply the hard cold facts. I would occassionally get to express myself creatively as a catering Executive Chef. I also experiment w/ many dishes and have documented the processes loosely on Facebook (!/profile.php?id=1152867930). On 11/16/11, in concert w/ Cindy, I completed A Mighty Swell Recipe CD which included all of the dishes the two of us created for The Marino Foundation’s Fun Raiser #1, A Mighty Swell Dance Party: 8/27/11 – Union City [CT] Polish-American Club. I’m very proud of the CD and associated printed manuscript, though sales of the $5 & $6 tax deductible products respectively have not been as good as hoped. I occassionally appear in public now that I’m retired: Introducing Raves Classics, old mostly public domain films, at the Southington (CT) Raves Cinema; and as a guest chef running a station (so far we’ve had one pasta w/ 3 sauces & one fried dough station) at Mona Lisa Restaurant, Wolcott CT. Both were great successes.

So I am taking back that time here. This space will be used for daily reviews of: Grateful Dead, JGB and other band concert CD’s; films; videos; plays; museums, live musical performances I attend, etc. In addition, I’ll ise this space to document recipes I create. I can’t wait 🙂


One thought on “Introductory Post

  1. Awesome Paul! I think this will be a great blog and I’ll enjoying following it. Always enjoy your recommendations for movies, music, theater, etc. You have never steered us wrong!

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