2/19/12: Louis CK – Live at the Beacon Theater

My great friend, Glen Nelson, purchased this download directly from Louis CK’s website. For the cost of $5, it came w/ 3 downloads & he offered me one. Gratefully, I accepted.

Louis is one of the top comics today. His wit, wisdom, irreverence and adult-oriented material are reminiscent of the great George Carlin. This performance, at just over an hour, was recorded live at the Beacon Theater, NYC on 11/10/11 and was made available roughly one week later. Louis lives in the City and this hometown performance is no holes barred.

It is an hour of joyous hilarity for those of you not easily offended. Amongst the topics broached: Racism towards Chinese; anti-Semitism; masturbation; sexual addiction; pot usage; child abuse; the boredom in parenting; and masturbation. Yes – I know I mentioned masturbation twice: I should have added another. Louis CK apparently really likes it. This is definitely NOT a family video. Nor one for you to put on at a party where you aren’t very comfortable w/ all the celebrants and, more importantly, where they aren’t completely comfortable w/ you.

I cannot recommend this video performance more highly. The price is ridiculously cheap, weighing in at about $.01 per laugh at the party of 6 at which we screened it yesterday. Well, it would have been a penny a laugh, but Glen paid for the download for us. Thanks, Mr. Nelson!! It was a fantastic cap to an already fun extended family party.


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