6/12/14: Dirty Dancing


[As Cousin Brucie] “Hi, everybody. This is your Cousin Paulie. Whoa! Our summer romances are in full bloom, and everybody, but everybody’s in love. So cousins, here’s a great story from the Fall of 1963. [Normal] I was just 4 years old. Back when everybody called me the Baby of the Family, and it didn’t occur to me to mind. That was before the Beatles came; when my oldest brother, who was 15, couldn’t wait to join the Peace Corps.” “Oh how the times, they have a-changed”: Now he’s 65 & when I saw him in April, “he just about handed me a copy of The Fountainhead & told me to read it. Back then, I thought I’d never find any girls as great as my Mom & Aunt Millie.” Beginning that summer, I went to my Uncle Felix & Aunt Millie’s bowling alley, Waterbury Duckpin Lanes in the Waterbury Plaza every day. One warm day when most of the leaves had already fallen, I was on the Lanes’ cashier counter practicing my 2-times-2’s with Mom. I guess Uncle Felix was watching TV or something when suddenly he bellowed, ‘NO!’, and punched the wall right next to me so hard that he put a hole in the sheetrock. It really frightened me! It took some time for me to understand that President Kennedy had been shot & died shortly after. Like the rest of America, I lost some of my innocence that day. “For the times, they were a-changin’. Women were working, Elvis shakin’ his hips. That President said the moon was at our fingertips. Dr. King told us how he had a dream. The civil rights movement was advancin’. And the kids…were Dirty Da-ancin’!”

DD - BeatlesDD - PeaceDD - FountainheadDD - DuckpinDD - JFKDD - DylanDD - WomenDD - ElvisDD - Moon

DD - MLKDD - Rights


Emile Ardolino’s Dirty Dancing stars Jennifer Grey as Baby Houseman on her way to vacation for the Summer of 1963 with her family. They’re heading to Max Kellerman’s (Jack Weston) Mountain House in the Catskills. There she meets Johnny Castle (co-star, Patrick Swayze), a dance instructor at the exclusive resort, and his ex-girlfriend Penny (Cynthia Rhodes), a former Rockette. She soon sees the youthful staff there Dirty Dancing in their activity center. She never saw anything like it before. She’s shocked but intrigued. Jerry Orbach is excellent as Baby’s father, Dr. Jake Houseman. Though she was 27 during filming, Jennifer Grey plays a great 17 year old. Her real life father, Joel, was a great dancer who starred in the Broadway musical Goodtime Charley in 1975. It closed after a total of 116 performances including previews when Grey left to pursue other projects. One Patrick Swayze was an ensemble dancer in the show. Swayze, who died on 9/14/09 @ 57 of pancreatic cancer, was best known as an actor but his roots are in dance. His mother, Patsy, was the Choreographer for Urban Cowboy. Dirty Dancing won the Academy Award for Best Original Song for The Time of My Life in 1988 at the 60th Oscars. It’s the grand finale, full cast dance song, ala Broadway musicals & Bollywood films. And for my money, the Dancing, Dirty or otherwise, is the most interesting part of the picture. Choreography, from the Greek meaning dance-writing, is the art of dance design. And Dirty Dancing’s Choreographer, Kenny Ortega, is world class! He’s also choreographed Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, all 3 High School Musical releases, and Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert. He also directed & choreographing the tour from which the film was culled and Gloria Estefan’s Live & Unwrapped tour; and directed Cher’s Heart of Stone Tour, High School Musical – The Concert tour, and Michael Jackson’s Dangerous and HIStory World Tours and the This Is It concerts & film. So watch the trailer below then stream Michael’s choreographer, Kenny Ortega’s sexy sequences in Emile Ardolino’s Dirty Dancing on Netflix. 3 Stars! 

DD - GreyDD - MaxDD - Kellerman'sDD - SwayzeDD - RhodesDD - OrbachDD - JoelDD - PatsyDD - OrtegaDD - PinkDD - FerrisDD - HSMIDD - HSM2DD - HSM3DD - HannahDD - GloriaDD - CherDD - HSMCDD - DangerousDD - HIStoryDD - This


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