6/28/14: Pretty Woman (1990)


Remember how long I was gone last year for Summer vacation. Did you miss me? I sure missed you guys. When I first booked the trip & told my wife about, she was a Pretty excited Woman. ‘Cin, I just booked a vacation. “We’re gonna be in New Smyrna Beach FL from 6/27-7/15.’ ‘Really?’, she said. ‘Yes. Would you consider spending 19 days there with me?’ ‘Okay but you have to be at my beck & call.’ ‘I’d love to be your beck & call girl.’, I replied. ‘But we’re gonna need a lot of spending money.’, she responded/ ‘Alright, give me a ballpark figure. How much will we need?’ ‘18 nights, 19 days. 4000.’ ‘18 nights at $100 per night is $1800.’ ‘You’re gonna wanna party during the day too. You know how you love Chases Tiki Bar!’ ‘2000.’ ‘3000.’, she countered. ‘Done!’ ‘Oh my God! Hahahaha! But I gotta get some clothes for the vacation.’ ‘ Okay, and bring back travelers checks.’” ‘Don’t’ you remember what your oldest brother John told you about traveler’s checks?’ ‘No, remind me.’ ‘When he flew your Dad to his house in FL when he was 90, John asked him if he needed get travelers checks, and Dad said, ‘I stopped using them. They’re too old fashioned.’ Needless to say, we brought the travelers checks. To me, “a retired business analyst living mainly on a pension”, financial security is very much like a classic movie. Both are very beautiful. “And it’s very difficult to let go of something so beautiful”, something I do specifically for the Pretty Woman that I married 30 years ago. But sometimes you have to. I quit AAA so I won’t be getting them any longer.

GFII - CindyGFII - DaytonaPW - ChasesPW - JohnPW - DadPW - ChecksPW - AAA

While we were there, I prepared to host Garry Marshall’s 1990 romantic comedy Pretty Woman. It stars Richard Gere as Edward Lewis, a filthy rich New York City corporate raider in L.A. to purchase a large, financially unstable company that he plans to break up & sell off in parts ala Gordon Gekko. In New York, he only travels by limo and, as a result, he can barely drive a standard & his sense of direction is terrible. He gets lost in L.A. on his way to the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and ends up in the red-light section of Hollywood Blvd. where he asks Vivian (Julia Roberts), a hooker, for directions. Roberts was nominated for Best Actress, Pretty Woman’s only Oscar nomination at the 63rd Academy Awards. She agrees to bring Edward there personally for $20 & his romance w/ the Pretty Woman begins. Watch for great performances by Jason Alexander as Edward’s self-absorbed lawyer Philip Stuckey, and Hector Elizondo as Barney Thompson, the Wilshire’s GM.

PW - MarshallPW - GerePW - GekkoPW - JuliaPW - JasonPW - Hector

The opera Edward takes Vivian to see is La Traviata (The Woman Who Strayed), the story of a prostitute who falls in love with a rich man. It’s a play within a play, a plot technique where a segment or scene from a different piece is performed for the characters. It’s often used to parallel the action or symbolize what’s happening to the characters. Hamlet has the most known example. He says, “The play’s the thing wherein I shall catch the conscious of the King” expecting his uncle, King Claudius’ reaction will prove he murdered Hamlet’s father. Adaptation. and The French Lieutenant’s Woman are 2 great films that take place essentially within other pieces, a book & a movie respectively. Woody Allen invites us to watch as Cecilia (Mia Farrow) goes to see The Purple Rose of Cairo over & over until Jeff Daniels’ character comes off the screen to talk to her. And it’s kinda what I do here. Think about it. “So welcome to A Life Wasted on Jerry! What’s your dream? Everybody comes here! This is my Blog: Land of dreams. Some dreams come true, some don’t; but keep on dreamin’. This is A Life Wasted on Jerry. Always time to dream! Now watch click the link below & dream about Garry Marshall’s Pretty Woman.”

PW - TraviataPW - HamletPW - KingPW - AdaptPW - FrenchPW - WoodyPW - PurplePW - MiaPW - Daniels


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