7/22/14: Monty Python and the Holy Grail


[Python] Greetings. “I’m Sir Paulie the Blog, Knight of the Computer Table. And this is my coconut horse, Sir Bryan.” On 8/24/09, I was slicing potatoes on a mandoline without the guard on when, whoosh, my left middle finger was 1/8” shorter & spraying blood like Trevi Fountain. ‘This is bad.’, I thought, and my wife Cindy [Female Python] ‘Let’s go to the ER!’. [Python] “‘Tis but a scratch!’”, and off to the bathroom for [pick up] the electrical tape tourniquet while she finished preparing lunch. After a movie on DVD, I opened a 2nd bottle of wine & it burst open again. “‘I’ve had worse!’”, I told her as I re-tourniqueted. 4.5 hours & 3 bottles of wine after the original injury, I reached into the bookshelf for our 3rd DVD and, although nothing touched that finger, it was back to Trevi Fountain. “It’s just a flesh wound.” But she’d have no part of it. After just 5 minutes in the waiting room, a nurse came in with a chart. “‘Take me! Take me!’”, and she did. I told Dr. Palin how busy I was while he sealed the wound & when he was done, he said, [baritone] “‘Cindy, make sure Prince Charming over here doesn’t leave this room until I come & get him.’ [Female Python] ‘Not to leave the room. Even if you come and get him.’ [Baritone] ‘No, no. Until I come & get him.’ [Female Python] ‘I don’t need to do anything, apart from, uh, um…’ [Baritone] ‘Look, it’s quite simple. You just stay here & make sure he doesn’t leave the room.’ [Female Python] ‘Prince Charming, you mean?’ [Baritone] ‘Yes.’ [Python] ‘‘But you already fixed the bloody flesh wound!’ [Baritone] ‘Yes, but there’s a 90000 pence charge for the service.’” [Python] I put it on my American Express and, as you can see, “I got better.”

Grail - KnightGrail - HorseGrail - MandolineGrail - FingerGrail - TreviGrail - CindyGrail - WineGrail - NurseGrail - MDGrail - Amex 

[Normal] I know what you’re thinkin’, [Python] “‘What an eccentric performance!’” [Normal] Well, Monty Python called it quits as a comedy troupe on 7/23/14, so I felt it was appropriate to honor them in this way. Terry Gilliam & Terry Jones’ 1975 Classic, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, stars the entire ensemble (Gilliam & Jones, Michael Palin, Eric Idle, John Cleese & the late Graham Chapman) at their unique, live action & low-speed animation best. They’re King Arthur & his Knights of the Round Table on a quest from a cynical God for The Holy Grail. The Pythons share the writing credits & all play multiple roles in this timeless spoof of Christianity, Arthurian legend, logic, science, history,…everything!

Grail - FinalGrail - Cast

This beloved comedy’s 97 Rotten Tomatoes speaks volumes. But without the best selling album ever at the time – Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon – it might never have been released. The band members were such fans of the ensemble that some of the profits from the record were invested in The Holy Grail. Scores of great motion pictures starred an ensemble cast, meaning there is no true male and/or female lead. The first known ensemble cast movie, D.W. Griffith’s 3¼ hour silent epic, Intolerance: Loves Struggle Throughout the Ages, from 1916 tells 4 interwoven tales. Most ensembles, like the Pythons in The Holy Grail, have a common goal: 12 Angry Men; Pulp Fiction; The Breakfast Club; American Graffiti; The Poseidon Adventure; Murder by Death; Flatliners; GoodFellas; and The Lord of the Rings trilogy to name a few. But the most interesting use of an ensemble cast is when their lives connect as the plot unfolds, as in: Intolerance; Crash; Babel; and Stephen Daldry’s The Hours which you’ll find my Blog of here along with Pulp Fiction, The Breakfast Club and American Graffiti. [Python] Now, as your champion, I demand your enthusiastic approval of & attention to Terrys Gilliam & Jones’ Monty Python and the Holy Grail which you may behold by clicking the link below! 4 Stars!

Grail - DSOTM Grail - Intolerance Grail - 12 Grail - Pulp Grail - BrkfastGrail - GraffitiGrail - PoseidonGrail - MurderGrail - FlatlinersGrail - GoodFellasGrail - LOTRGrail - CrashGrail - BabelGrail - Hours


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